Junior Divers

At HGSAC, we want to welcome young people to our sport to help the organisation grow and thrive whilst providing opportunities for the enjoyment of all. We are actively aware of the vital role we play in protecting young and vulnerable members from potential threats to their safety and well being. As such, HGSAC stringently adheres to the BSAC Buddy Guard system, designed to empower good practice and comply with current legislation. 

The activities of all junior members are overseen by the Club Welfare Officer. For details of the Welfare Officer's role and HGSAC Buddy Guard system, please contact us and ask for a copy of our member's handbook, which contains comprehensive information of the steps we take to safeguard vulnerable persons within the club.

Duke of Edinburgh (DofE)

The DofE is a challenging programme of activities, which will help those who become involved to learn new skills, help others, experience adventure and provide a great sense of achievement. The DofE is all about developing self-reliance, self-confidence and personal well-being through fun and progressive challenges. 

Young people can use the HGSAC BSAC scuba or snorkelling qualifications and branch participation to count towards the Physical sections of DofE Awards. If you are interested in HGSAC supporting you in completing the Physical section of your DofE programme, please contact us today to arrange an Assessor who can guide you in the required activities.

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