Snorkel Training

Whatever your skill-level, our instructors are here to support you. HGSAC is part of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC), so our training follows the BSAC framework. New snorkelers joining the club will be enrolled in the BSAC Dolphin Snorkeler or Snorkel Diver training programme. All training is included in your membership, providing you with a comprehensive path of learning including theory and pool lessons, delivering the knowledge, confidence and competence you require to be safe in the water and have a pleasurable snorkelling experience. As a snorkeler, there’s nothing stopping you participating in all club activities that our divers do, snorkelers are welcome to attend our annual summer club trip. By summer you may find yourself snorkelling with the UKs friendly seals in the Farne Isles with the skills you learn in our snorkelling course!

In addition to our snorkle training program for new snorkelers, we can train club members to all levels of expertise in-house and through regional and national BSAC training schemes. Club members are also encouraged to undertake additional development courses to increase their enjoyment of the water and the safety in which they participate in the sport. These include first-aid, boat handling, marine life identification and much, much more.

Please Note: All our instructors are volunteers and we currently have a limited number of snorkel instructors in the club due to work and university commitments. If you're interested in learning to snorkel, please get in touch and we'll do our best to organise something for you.

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Snorkelling FAQs

Not sure where to start or if snorkelling is for you? Visit our snorkelling FAQs for answers to your most common questions.