Snorkel FAQ's

How is snorkelling different to SCUBA diving?

Snorkelling doesn’t use underwater breathing apparatus; rather, a snorkel allows you to breath at the surface with your face underwater, giving you a glimpse into a world you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see.

Is snorkelling difficult?

People of all ages and abilities can learn to snorkel. And by learning to snorkel with HGSAC, you will be provided with all the support and training you need.

Do I need to be a good swimmer?

It is recommended that you are comfortable in the water and have basic swimming skills before learning how to snorkel. HGSAC do not provide swimming lessons. We teach you how to move in the water when snorkelling with fins.

What equipment do you need to snorkel?

The three main pieces of equipment you require to snorkel are a mask, snorkel and fins. When snorkelling in the UK, you might also want to wear a wetsuit as the water’s a little bit chiller than some of our holiday destinations!

Diving at Trefor Pier

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